Don’t you think it’s fucking hot out there? Yeah, they too. One for the ladies and one for the boys UwU or for both if you like UwU 

honestly I would like to be at that sweat’s drop’s place



Now look at what you did, Carla…dang.

Muse!Hime going crazy at TY!Ulquiorra’s place, in response to this post / song / video (now I’m in love with that song too, omg)

(for those who don’t follow those fanfics - Ulquiorra is from the Tell Yourself AU, Orihime is from the Muse AU. Both are a must-read for any UlquiHime fan!)

TY!Ulquiorra returns from grocery shopping to be presented with this “fine” scene. Look, in my version Hime didn’t even bother putting on pants…pffff why bother, right? Also, imagine her trying to sing the lyrics but instead she sings gibberish all through the Japanese part (since Muse!Hime is American), only being able to get out “nonono darling” and “dadida baby” right, nyaahhahahaha—-


Lately PK's UlquiHime fanfics have been driving me emotionally nuts…in a creative way. ♥

Doodle #1 and #2: 7 Minutes (In Heaven)

Doodle #3: Tell Yourself ch. 87 - Interlude (while listening to Love is a Mystery)


Switched Sides by Bu-Nong

This is a sample of a doujinshi called Switched Sides where Orihime is an Espada and Ulquiorra is her fraccion. 


..because at her side this meaningless world breaks apart. Everything changes. And my world is filled with colors.

All credits to the artist


A seriously overdue gift for a certain senator.