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Evening dress

Date: 1804–5

Culture: French

Medium: cotton

Dimensions: Length at CB: 96 3/4 in. (245.7 cm)

Credit Line: Purchase, Gifts in memory of Elizabeth N. Lawrence, 1983

Accession Number: 1983.6.1

"Who did this to you?!" She gently touched Liz's face, inspecting the bruises.



She flinched a little at her touch, her whole body aching but trying to hide it, “It’s n-nothing….really.” she mumbled, “…some drunk lady tried to hit another lady on the street and….I-I tried to stop it. She ended up beating me up but it’s ok. I’ll be fine soon…”

"It’s okay. Honestly, I’d probably do the same thing if I was in your position. It is good that we are both strong enough to handle anything. I think you are stronger than I am." She smiled. "Well, hopefully she feels remorse when she sobers up. Lots of people do dumb things when drunk."


She looked a bit confused, “How am I stronger? Sage, you’re magical! I’m just…” she sighed, looking down at her hands, “Sick.” she said, shrugging, 

"I think she will. I don’t think people are normally that violent, so I’m pretty sure she’ll be feeling bad about it for some time."


My poor dusty tumblr, full of sketches! *pet the screen* 

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